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The University of Michigan is committed to international education. Students from countries all over the world come to the University of Michigan for graduate school. The University is equally dedicated to those students who wish to study and work abroad. The International Center was developed as a central area for information on international issues.

International MSE Students:

If you choose to elect courses that are not required for the completion of your MSE degree, the ME department will not support an extension of your visa for the purpose of completing the remainder of your degree requirements. Should this occur, it is possible that you will not be able to finish your ME masters degree prior to the completion of your stay in the United States. To avoid this complication, please ensure that all of your elected courses are relevant to your degree. Likewise, the ME department will not support a reduced course load letter if the remainder of the student's courses are not relevant to the MSE degree

International Center (I-Center)

The I-Center provides a variety of services for international students. The I-Center's website contains important information on a number of topics, including visas, financial aid, health insurance, employment questions, and student organizations.

The I-Center offers events and workshops throughout the year on topics of interest to international students and scholars, U-M department administrators, and domestic students seeking information on studying, working, or traveling abroad. View a list of the topics.

Students and scholars can join the International Center email list to receive program schedules, job, and job fair announcements, and other information of interest.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) is a valuable English language development resource for students attending the University of Michigan.Students who desire additional instruction or who are looking to become more proficient in the English language can take courses offered by the ELI.In addition, international PhD students are encouraged to utilize ELI resources to prepare for the GSI Oral English Test.

Instructional Division

The mission of the English Language Institute Instructional Division is to provide English language instruction to members of the University of Michigan community that promotes effective intercultural communication within the academic community at the University of Michigan.

The Instructional Division offers credit bearing courses and support services in English for Academic Purposes in order to teach undergraduate and graduate students the language they need to become fully participating members of the academic community. The Instructional Division educates both undergraduate and graduate students in pedagogical discourse and intercultural skills for teaching at the University of Michigan, in the community, and abroad.

The Instructional Division works in collaboration with other units throughout the university in support of the University's vision of an internationalized academic community.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) in the ME Department

Any student intending to undertake CPT status during periods of internship or employment off-campus needs to first read through the materials on the International Center's website. There are two separate processes involved with applying and completing CPT. One is the process of getting a new I-20 through the International Center and the other is enrolling in Rackham 998 for 1 credit. The online workshop MUST be completed before proceeding with the process of enrolling in Rackham 998.

  • In order to enroll in Rackham 998, students must present a copy of their job offer letter to their faculty advisor and have their faculty advisor complete the CPT form.
  • Once this is complete, the student brings the job offer letter and completed CPT form to the ASO, along with a ME Petition Form. The petition should state how the internship experience is important to the student's academic career.
  • A ME Advisor will reivew and provide to the Assoc. Graduate Chair for review. The Assoc. Chair will make a determination about whether or not the experience is appropriate. Only prestigious/competitive experiences will be approved.
  • If denied, the student is made aware of the result and the reason for the decision. Copies of all documents must be kept in the student's file.
  • If approved, the student is made aware of the result. The documents are then returned to the student (via pick-up from the ME ASO). 
  • The student then takes ALL documents to the Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) Division at SI-North, along with photo ID. Documents include:
    • Online course completion certificate
    • Advisor recommendation form
    • Job offer letter (which must include a beginning and end date)
    • A copy of the student's most recent unofficial transcript
    • A copy of the student's most recent I-20 and I-94 forms
    • NOT REQUIRED: Add/Drop form
  • The ISD office will approve the request, verify all documents, and forward the enrollment request to the Registrar's Office (RO). The RO will enroll the student in Rackham 998. This process takes 48 hours.
  • If the student is participating in a Rackham 998 project in the Sp/Su term, the RO will enroll the student in the previous Winter term.  

Please note:

  • Students must have been lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis for one academic year (i.e. two full consecutive terms) prior to starting a CPT experience. For a complete list of eligibility criteria, please refer to the International Center's website. Students may not be a GSRA while participating in CPT.
  • Rackham 998 is the only appropriate course. It should be elected for 1 credit. The course is graded S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory). This course does not meet any requirements for the MSE or PhD Degrees.
  • ENGR 600 is not acceptable. It is intended for Integrated Microsystems students only.
  • Rackham 998 expects that students complete an academic component to their practical experience. This is typically done via a report.
  • The faculty member who sponsors the experience is responsible for reviewing and grading the report after the experience is complete and subsequently submitting a grade for the course.
  • Students must have their faculty advisor complete this form. Students who state that they do not have an appropriate faculty member to support their experience are encouraged to find one. The Graduate Chair will serve this purpose if necessary, but only in cases where no other solution is possible. In these cases, the experience will be thoroughly scrutinized before being approved.
  • Since all Rackham 998 students in all departments register for section 001 of the course, each individual student's sponsor is not listed as the instructor. For this reason, all grades must be submitted via a paper Grade Change Report. These forms are available form the RO.
  • Useful contacts for questions: Patti Mousseau in the RO, Gail Carr in the ISD office, and any of the International Student/Scholar Advisors in the International Center.

Note from ISD: ALL materials (including the online certification and an unofficial transcript) that are to be submitted to the International Center must be submitted to Gail Carr ( 1220 SI-North. Once the paperwork has been processed, ISD will enroll you in the CPT course, Rackham 998. Students cannot self-enroll into this course. PLEASE NOTE: Your offer letter MUST indicate the duration of the CPT experience -- start AND end date -- and that the experience will be full-time.

Once you receive an email from ISD that your paperwork is ready for pickup, you should see the Rackham 998 registration in Wolverine Access within up to 48 hours.

International Travel Policy

The new International Travel Policy/SPG #601.31 pertains to all faculty, staff, and students engaged in University-related international travel. It addresses the health, safety, and security of U-M travelers.

Specifically, this Standard Practice Guide delineates policy regarding the U-M Travel Registry; travel abroad health insurance; emergency evacuation insurance; U-M travel warnings or University travel restrictions; and international travel involving student groups.

University Travel Registry: All faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad must register their international travel in the Registry before departure. This confidential and secure database provides a convenient tool for the traveler and the department to coordinate travel details. It will also help the University locate you if an emergency situation arises.

Travel Abroad Health Insurance: All students traveling abroad are required to have travel abroad insurance coverage from the University's authorized vendor. Faculty and staff traveling internationally are covered under the University's blanket policy with that vendor.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance: All faculty, staff, and students traveling internationally are covered under a blanket policy for emergency evacuation due to political unrest or natural disaster.

University Travel Warnings or Travel Restrictions: This segment delineates policies pertaining to travel to destinations for which the University has issued a Travel Warning, and travel to destinations for which the University has issued a Travel Restriction.

International Travel Involving Student Groups: Includes specific requirements for University-sponsored travel abroad and student-initiated group travel abroad.

The new policy is posted in full at, and detailed procedures, forms, and so on are available online at

International travel is increasingly important to our work. Our students are taking to heart our encouragement to study abroad. The University has developed this policy and the resources that support it in order to make the international travel experience more enjoyable and secure for the entire University community.

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