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Our group's interests lie at the nexus of micro/nanoengineering, biophysics, biology, and biotechnology.  Currently, we focus on developing integrated micro/nanoscale systems for high-throughput quantitative analysis of molecular and cellular functions.  Specifically, we are developing integrated techniques to investigate biological entities (from nanoscale biomolecules to micron-sized mammalian cells) confined in micro/nanofluidic environments.  We study molecular and cellular interactions with these micro/nanofluidic structures and explore the opportunity of using these micro/nanofluidic devices for ultra-sensitive biosensing and detection as well as for efficient biosample preparation.  We are also interested in developing synthetic micro/nanoscale cell microenvironment to control cell fate and function, and further employing such synthetic tools to identify the extrinsic physical factors and their downstream signaling pathways that regulate cell behaviors.  (for details, please read our Research)

Group Members

Meet the lab: (front row) Koh Meng Aw Yong, Zeta Yu, Jianping Fu, and Raymond Lam; (back row) Jianming Sang, Xiang Li, Shinuo Weng, Zida Li, Ping Zhang, Weiqiang Chen, Yue Shao, and Yubing Sun. (see Members)


Supported by the SURE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate student Huijiao Guan is working in Dr. Fu's lab on an integrated microfluidic system for functional phenotyping of patient immune cells.

Video recorded for our MCubed sponsored project, "Microfluidic systems immunology for transformative diagnostics for infants". Collaborative interdisciplinary team science to address complex clinical challenges. Our collaborators: Katsuo Kurabayashi, Timothy T. Cornell, and Thomas P. Shanley. (for details, please read our Research)


10/07/2014: MCubed grant precedes larger NIH award of $3 million.

10/01/2014: Congratulations to Zida and Jianming! Both of them have successfully passed ME Ph.D. qualifying exam.

09/09/2014: Congratulations to Xiang! His review paper on functional phenotyping of blood cells was accepted by Trends in Biotechnology! (see Publications)

08/20/2014: Congratulations to Yubing! His ACS Chemical Neuroscience paper was selected as the front cover story for 2014 Aug. 20 issue of ACS Chemical Neuroscience. (see Publications)

05/28/2014: Congratulations to Yubing! His manuscript was just accepted by ACS Chemical Neuroscience! (see Publications)

05/06/2014: Congratulations to Xiang! His manuscript was just accepted by Lab on Chip! (see Publications)

04/20/2014: ASME Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine (JNEM), Special Topic on: Nanoscale materials, devices, and systems for biosensing, biomanipulation, and biofabrication. (see Call for Papers)

04/14/2014: How a Silly Putty ingredient could advance stem cell therapies. (see Michigan News, Detroit Local 4 News, Crain's Detroit Business, ABC 7 Sarasota - WWSB, ABC News Radio, Headlines & Global News, Red Orbit, The Doctor Will See You Now, Consultant, Guardian Liberty Voice, The Australian, International Business Times UK, The Times of India, Israel Herald, Business Standard, Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinelt, Medical News Today)

04/04/2014: Congratulations to Weiqiang! He just received a tenure-track faculty offer from the New York Univ.! He will start his exciting journey as an assistant professor from this Sept.

04/03/2014: Congratulations to Yubing! He just won the 2014 Robert M. Caddell Memorial Award for Research together with Dr. Fu!

04/03/2014: Congratulations to Yue! He was just awarded the 2014 Alexander Azarkhin Scholarship!

03/04/2014: Congratulations to Yubing! His manuscript was just accepted by Nature Materials! (see Publications)

01/28/2014: Dr. Fu was selected for the Mechanical Engineering Department Outstanding Achievement Award!

01/14/2014: Weiqiang had just won the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad!

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Recent Publications

Two bubble acoustic tweezing cytometry for biomechanical probing and stimulation of cells
Di Chen, et al.
Biophysical Journal
, vol. 108, pp. 32-42, 2015. [PDF]

Continuous-flow microfluidic blood cell sorting for unprocessed whole blood using surface-micromachined microfiltration membranes
Xiang Li, Weiqiang Chen, Guangyu Liu, Wei Lu, and Jianping Fu
Lab on a Chip, vol. 14, pp. 2565-2575, 2014. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Hippo/YAP-mediated rigidity-dependent motor neuron differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells
Yubing Sun, et al.
Nature Materials
, vol. 13, pp. 599-604, 2014. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Integrated nanoplasmonic sensing for cellular functional immunoanalysis using human blood
Bo-Ram Oh, et al.
ACS Nano
, vol. 8, pp. 2667–2676, 2014. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Architecture of F-actin cytoskeleton regulates cell shape-dependent endothelial mechanotransduction

Yue Shao, Jennifer M. Mann, Weiqiang Chen, and Jianping Fu
Integrative Biology
, vol. 6, pp. 300-311, 2014. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

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