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Thermal/Fluids Sciences

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan is seeking to hire a tenure-track faculty candidate in thermal-fluid sciences including experimental and computational expertise in fluid mechanics, energy and thermal systems, and heat transfer. This opportunity is part of a broader search (see the official advertisement here, including information on how to apply and application materials). Example areas of interest include, but are not limited to: novel experimental (including diagnostics methods), data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to high-speed flow, turbulence (in compressible and incompressible flow, e.g., shocks), particulate and multiphase flow, foams, bio-films, bio-inspired fluid mechanics, bio-thermal problems, fluid-structure interactions, flow control, energy conversion science and technologies, thermal and extreme environments, heat-transfer and combustion, fire safety, and macro- and micro-scale energy transfer applications.

The College of Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Department are proud of our focus on People First Engineering. Qualified candidates will describe in their application materials how their research and expertise place “People First”.