All mechanical engineering graduate students apply online through the Rackham Graduate School. Please view Rackham’s Checklist for Completing Your Application. We follow the College of Engineering’s application deadlines and accept PhD applications for fall only.

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Graduate Application Deadlines (Ph.D., MSE, SUGS, JI-SUGS)

The ME Department accepts external Ph.D. and Masters applications during the Fall term only.

Program Fall Term Application Winter Term Application (Current U-M Students Only)
Doctoral (PhD) December 15th N/A
Master (MSE) January 15th August 1st
Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS), Joint Institute - Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (JI-SUGS) January 15th August 1st
Change of Program (Current ME MSE to Ph.D.) February 1st October 1st

Decision Deadlines

We ask that all applicants allow us to provide decisions within the time frame listed below. The ASO will inform the Rackham Graduate School of all application decisions for the Mechanical Engineering (ME) graduate program. Rackham provides the final application decision via e-mail to applicants who were recommended for admission by the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Fall Term Decisions Provided to Applicants
Doctoral (PhD) Mid-March through April
Master (MSE) Mid-March through April
Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS), Joint Insitute - Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (JI-SUGS), & Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) Mid-March through April
Current or previous U-M Rackham student Mid-March through April
Winter Term Decisions Provided to Applicants
Master (MSE) Mid-November through December
Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS), Joint Insitute - Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (JI-SUGS), & Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) Mid-November through December
Current or previous U-M Rackham student Mid-November through December

Providing Evidence of Financial Support (non U.S. students only):

  • If recommended for admission by Mechanical Engineering, the Rackham Graduate School will notify applicants to submit the Affidavit of Financial Support along with required financial documents (e.g., bank statement).
  • Please do not submit any financial documents until requested by Rackham.  Financial documents and immigration documents will not be kept if they were submitted during the application period.
  • Financial document deadlines:  May 15 for the Fall term and November 15th for the Winter term. If financial documents are not received by these dates, Rackham will withdraw offers of admission.

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Deferrals are available for up to one year under special conditions. Typically, circumstances such as employment, enrollment at another institution, funding, or indecisiveness regarding enrollment are not appropriate justifications for requesting deferred enrollment.

To request a deferral, send an email to International students cannot defer admission to Spring or Spring/Summer terms. There are not enough credits to maintain the F1 visa status.