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Forms and Policies

ME Petition

Any student can petition for modification of academic policies. Please contact your ME advisor to help determine if a petition is relevant to you. A petition for an exception can be submitted to the ME Undergraduate Chair following the instructions below.

  • If you are petitioning a departmental rule (i.e. Mechanical Engineering) then the ME Undergraduate Chair will review and make a decision.
  • If you are petitioning a College rule, both the department and the College will review the petition.

To complete an online petition, please use this petition link. Please choose “Exception to Policy” and make a brief and thorough rationale describing your request and why this exception should be made for you. When submitting a petition, include:

  • A detailed syllabus of the class in question. A description in a College Bulletin is not adequate. Enough information must be provided for the committee to understand exactly what topics are being covered in the class.
  • A statement of your educational plan and how the class fits into this plan (e.g. Why do you plan to take the class?).
  • This petition must be submitted in a timely fashion before the class is taken.

ME Letter Request

  • Letter requests for students who need to confirm aspects of their academic career to an outside representative should be submitted via an email to [email protected].
  • You should include your name, the purpose of the letter, and to whom the letter should be addressed.
  • Please allow 3 to 5 business days for processing of letters. Unless a hard copy is requested, an electronic copy of the letter will be sent to your student email address.

Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) Election Form

Students who are interested in completing a Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) program are required to submit the SUGS Election Form, which they complete with their ME advisor along with their application. The form confirms the ability of the student to complete the degree requirements. Students should meet with their advisor during their junior year if they are interested in the SUGS program.