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Undergraduate Student Services

Throughout your ME degree at the University of Michigan, there will be several places you will need to visit for various student services, each of which are described below.

Academic Services Office

The Academic Services Office (ASO – 2380 GGB) in Mechanical Engineering is responsible for:

  • All academic advising related to ME, including degree planning, course selection, degree progress, concentration options, dual and joint degree programs, course permissions, independent research, tutoring services, and any other questions you may have about your ME degree
  • Declaring College of Engineering (CoE) students as a ME major
  • Processing petitions and forms specific to ME
  • Maintaining student records and confidentiality
  • Writing student letters for completion of degree, good standing, Optional Practical Training (OPT), Reduced Course Load (RCL), etc.
  • Final Degree Audits

In general, the Academic Services Office acts as a resource for information and/or referral to other University organizations, when appropriate. You can reach the ASO by emailing [email protected].

Please note that our office becomes quite hectic during the first and last month of each semester, due to course registration and graduation, respectively. Though we will endeavor to help you with any requests you may have in a prompt and efficient manner, we would greatly appreciate your patience during these time periods.

Campus Information Centers

The Campus Information Centers (Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons) are valuable resources for all types of useful information for students. They can answer questions and provide information on such things as maps and directions, finances, transportation options, hours of operation of buildings on campus, life at Michigan, academics, and much more. Please visit the Campus Information Centers website for a number of useful links and advice.


The Computer Aided Engineering Network (CAEN – 2161 Duderstadt Center) provides the College of Engineering with computing and information technology support. For information on computer labs, network and wireless connections, printing, remote access, or help with your account, please visit the CAEN website.

CoE Registrar

The CoE Registrar’s Office (145A Chrysler Center) is responsible for:

  • Processing add/drop forms after the add/drop deadline
  • Making changes to your course schedule after the add/drop deadline
  • Term withdrawals

Diploma Department

The Diploma Department Office of the Registrar is responsible for the order of University of Michigan diplomas. Please visit the How to Order a Diploma website for additional information. 

Diploma Department
Office of the Registrar
University of Michigan
1210 LS&A Building
500 S. State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382
Ph#: 743.763.9066

Engineering Advising Center

The Engineering Advising Center (EAC – 230 Chrysler Center) provides academic services and support for first-year and undeclared students in these areas:

  • Academic advising
  • Assistance in planning your first-year courses
  • Course registration information
  • Academic and personal support
  • Selecting an engineering degree program
  • Exploring career fields

For more information about the EAC and how to set up an advising appointment, please visit the EAC website.

Engineering Career Resource Center

The Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC – 230 Chrysler Center) provides students with resources and information about the following:

  • Providing assistance on how to find internship, co-op and career opportunities
  • Maintaining the CoE job posting and recruiting system, Engineering Careers by 12Twenty
  • Meeting with students to help edit their resume and cover letter
  • Hosting the CoE Career Fair (generally held in late September and early February)

Please visit the ECRC website for any questions regarding internship/co-op/career opportunities, to set up an appointment for resume/cover letter editing, and general career guidance.

Engineering Scholarship Office

The Engineering Scholarship Office (143 Chrysler Center) is responsible for handling all of the undergraduate scholarships for the College of Engineering. Please visit the Engineering Scholarship Office website for more information and any questions regarding scholarships.

Findley Learning Center

The Findley Learning Center (FLC) is a central area that can be reserved by Professors and GSIs to hold office hours, review sessions, as well as place for students to study. Please contact ME  ASO via [email protected] to schedule rooms in the FLC.

International Center

The International Center (I-Center) provides a variety of services for international students. The I-Center’s website contains important information on a number of topics, including visas, financial aid, health insurance, employment questions, and student organizations.

The I-Center offers events and workshops throughout the year on topics of interest to international students and scholars, U-M department administrators, and domestic students seeking information on studying, working, or traveling abroad. View a list of the topics.Students and scholars can join the International Center email list to receive program schedules, job and job fair announcements, and other information of interest.

Newnan Academic Advising Center

The LSA’s Newnan Academic Advising Center (1255 Angell Hall) provides academic advising and program information for students interested in pursuing dual degree programs, LSA minors, or transferring to LSA. View the Newnan Academic Advising Center website for more information.

ME Main Office

The Main Office (2250 GGB) in Mechanical Engineering is responsible for:

  • Processing employment paperwork for GSI, GSRAs and Graders
  • Scheduling the William Findley Learning Center
  • Faculty mailboxes

Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid (2500 Student Activities Building) is located on Central Campus and is responsible for anything having to do with financial aid. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid website for more information and any questions regarding financial aid.

Office of Student Conflict Resolution

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution (G121 South Quad) administers and implements the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Please see the OSCR website for more information.

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office (6015 Fleming) assists students in reconciling person issues as well as conflicts with the University. This office also serves as a point of contact in student crisis situation. Please visit their website for more information.

Scholastic Standing Committee

The Scholastic Standing Committee (SSC – 230D Chrysler Center) monitors and upholds the College of Engineering’s academic standards and policies as defined in the CoE’s Bulletin. They are responsible for:

  • Hearing appeals for reinstatement
  • Responding to petitions for late drops and exceptions to college rules

Please visit the Scholastic Standing Committee website if you need to schedule an appointment.

Student Employment Office

The Student Employment Office (2500 Student Activities Building) is located on Central Campus and is responsible for posting all campus related jobs available to UM students only. Please visit the Student Employment Office website to apply for campus jobs.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services (2304 Michigan Union) is a full-service law office for currently enrolled students, providing a range of legal services such as landlord-tenant disputes, consumer law, and criminal defense. Please visit the Student Legal Services website for more information.

Transfer Credit Office

The Transfer Credit Office is responsible for anything involving transferring credit to/from another institution, including:

Please visit the Transfer Credit Approval Form website for details regarding information on credit evaluation and you can email the Transfer Credit Office at [email protected]  for questions regarding transfer credit.

Tutoring Opportunities

Various Tutoring Opportunities are offered on campus, especially for first and second year students. The ME Student Intranet lists tutoring resources through Pi Tau Sigma, the Engineering Center for Academic Success, and the ME Graduate Student Tutor list, that is available for students in areas such as math, physics, chemistry, and first and second year engineering courses. If you are having difficulty finding a tutor for a course, please contact the ASO and we will do our best to find a tutor for you.