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Grad School Guide

Which schools should you apply to?

The schools you choose to apply to will be heavily influenced by your interests and your goals. The following are a few criteria to consider as you’re making your decisions:

  • Prestige in your field (e.g. rankings like US News, general name recognition)
  • How does the school serve your goals (say via connections with a particular industry, history of producing professors, time to degree, etc.)?
    • Particularly important for Master’s students; certain schools are known for having contacts with particular industries.
  • To work in a particular research area or with a certain professor
  • Availability of funding (will they pay your tuition and/or a salary?)
  • Geography is a legitimate criterion. You are going to have to live at this place. Yes, it’s nice to live in warm places, a large city is exciting… It’s also nice to live where your spouse lives, etc.