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Grad School Guide

Visiting Your School

I’ve been invited to visit. Now what?

  • Many schools will host a “Visit Day” for top-ranked prospective students. If you receive an invitation to visit then congratulate yourself; this is a sign that you are near the top of the applicant pool.
  • Invited campus visits are typically all expenses paid (airfare, lodging, and food should be covered). Confirm that this is the case.
  • If you are seriously interested in the school(s) that extend these invitations, then it is very important that you make every effort to attend. Don’t worry if the travel will cause you to miss a few classes. Alert your professors; they will understand. Missing a visit day without providing a good explanation may suggest to the school that you are not seriously interested any may put your admission at risk, or take you out of the running for other benefits such as fellowships.