...because the world needs breakthrough engineering

We consistently rank as one of the top Mechanical Engineering departments in the United States, and we work hard to keep it that way.  Each year we serve more than 1,000 students, and we’re expanding and transforming our instructional and research programs to make Michigan ME a continued leader and model for 21st-century mechanical engineering education.

Your support helps us retain world-class faculty, produce cutting-edge research and train the next generation of leaders.

You make a difference

Faculty Support

World-class faculty are critical to carrying out our mission of providing exceptional educational experiences and pushing the boundaries of research at all levels. Whether it be support for an endowed professorship or seed money for a faculty innovation fund, philanthropic gifts enable us to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty members from around the world.

The Student Experience

Graduate Students

Our graduate students become some of the most promising researchers and academic pacesetters of the future. Financial support in the form of fellowship funds is critical for us to attract and retain the best graduate students to study at U-M ME. Resources for graduate student awards, team projects, and symposia are essential for us to educate and enable our students for career advancements.


Students come to Michigan Mechanical Engineering for its outstanding academic reputation, legacy of impact, and enormous breadth of learning opportunities. Scholarship support allows students to take advantage of these benefits without accumulating large debt burdens. Freed from financial distractions, students are able to focus on their education with all the energy and attention this life-shaping endeavor deserves.

Your gifts also enable us to offer innovative, hands-on learning opportunities which emphasize:

  • Creativity

  • Research

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Intercultural intelligence

  • Collaborative spirit

  • Social responsibility

  • Effective communication

Facilities & Equipment Support

There are ongoing opportunities to make a gift to name a classroom, lab or office space in the newly expanded and renovated G.G. Brown Building. In addition, the ME Department seeks support for major laboratory equipment and a 21st Century Design and Prototyping Laboratory.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please give online or contact Melanie Zauel, Sr. Director of Advancement for Planned Giving and Leadership Gifts at or (734) 647-7093.