Mechanical Engineering Seminar Series

FA 2021 Seminars will take place in the following Zoom room: (passcode 413824).

Seminar Series: Fall 2021 Hybrid Seminars

Date Room Speaker Name Institution Abstract Title Seminar Recording
Xinghang Zhang - Virtual Purdue University

Design of materials with unique mechanical behavior and radiation reponses by tailoring nanoscal defects

3150 HH DOW Rui NI Johns Hopkins

Fragmentation in turbulence by small eddies

Matthias Chung Virginia Tech
Adam Weber Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
3150 HH DOW David Hu Georgia Tech
Dr. Ibo Matthews Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
3150 HH DOW Hanumant Singh Northeastern University

Seminar Series: Winter 2021 Virtual Seminar

Date Room Speaker Name Institution Abstract Title Seminar Recording
Anthony Rollett Carnegie Mellon University

3D Printing, Synchrotron X-Ray Experiments and Machine Learning

Timothy S. Fischer UCLA

Thermal and Energy Storage Nanomaterials for Fast Processes

Lena Ting Emory University

What does a muscle sense? Multiscale interactions governing muscle spindle sensory signals

Celia Reina University of Pennsylvania

Continuum mechanics of non-equilibrium phenomena: a journey through space and time scales

Rick Neptune University of Texas at Austin

Biomechanical Analyses of Human Movement Aimed at Improving Rehabilitation

Mehran Tehrani University of Texas - Austin

Additively Manufactured Polymer Composites: Mechanics, Materials Science, and Manufacturing

Mahmoud Hussein University of Colorado

Metadamping in elastic metamaterials: Dissipation engineering by intrinsic resonances


Seminar Series: Fall 2020 Virtual Seminar

Date Room Speaker Name Institution Abstract Title Seminar Recording
Michael Posa University of Pennsylvania

Bilevel optimization for control, learning, and multi-contact robotics

Evros Loukaides University of Bath

Forming and Morphing Without Waste

SPECIAL TIME 2:00 PM EST Sophia Haussener Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Modelling, experimentation and scaling of photo-electrochemical fuel processing devices

Kelsey Hatzell Vanderbilt University

Engineering Interfaces and Interphases for All Solid State Batteries

Jake Socha Virginia Tech

How flying snakes glide:  turning the body into a wiggling wing

Ian Wong Brown University

Beyond 2D: Self-Organizing Patterns in Nanomaterials and Cancer

Katia Bertoldi Harvard University

Multistable structures - from energy trapping to morphing

Peter Schmid Imperial College London

Synchronization effects in n-periodic fluid systems

Janine Mauzeroll McGill University

"The Wonderful World of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)"

SPECIAL TIME FOR SEMINAR WILL BE 2:00 PM Carlotta Mummolo New Jersey Institute of Technology

State-Space Characterization of Balance Capabilities in Biped Systems

Charles Meneveau Johns Hopkins University

Some Applications of Machine Learning Based Flow Classification


Seminar Series: Winter 2020

Date Room Speaker Name Institution Abstract Title Seminar Recording
TBA Martin Z. Bazant MIT

Control of Interfacial Stability in Electrochemical Systems

EECS 1500 Matthew McDowell Georgia Institute of Technology

In Situ Investigation of Chemo-Mechanical Phenomena in Batteries

EECS 1500 Eric R. Masanet UCSB

 Industrial decarbonization and the role of emerging technologies

EECS 1500 Prabhakar Bandaru UCSD

Thermal metamaterials – for efficient directing, harvesting, and dissipation of heat

EECS 1500 Jake Socha Virginia Tech