Nine ME Students Receive 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Left to right, top to bottom: Kevin Green, Agnes Resto, Megan Hathcock, Ryan Rosario, Daniel Bruder, Adrian Sanchez, Andrew Davis, Eva Mungai, Greg Shallcross

Eight ME graduate students and one ME undergraduate student have received NSF (National Science Foundation) Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF) this year. With this record, the U-M ME Department is among the ME programs nationwide with the highest number of 2017 recipients. The NSF GRF Program's goal is to increase the nation's human capacity in science and engineering by providing fellowships to early-career graduate students to support the development of a diverse and globally engaged U.S. science and engineering workforce. The recipients are:

  • Kevin Green, undergraduate student
  • Agnes Resto, PhD student, Advisor: Jianping Fu
  • Megan Hathcock, PhD student, Advisor: Kon-Well Wang
  • Ryan Rosario, Master's student, Advisor: Neil Dasgupta
  • Daniel Bruder, PhD student, Advisor: Sridhar Kota
  • Adrian Sanchez, PhD student, Advisor: Ellen Arruda
  • Andrew Davis, PhD student, Advisor: Ram Vasudevan
  • Eva Mungai, Master's student, Advisor: Jessy Grizzle
  • Greg Shallcross, PhD student, Advisor: Jesse Capecelatro