Energy is an important topic and an increasing priority - locally, globally and everywhere in between. 
Our efforts span every level of energy research, from the design and manufacture of highly efficient energy conversion/storage materials and devices to their effective use in industrial processes, power systems and their impact on energy policy.


  • IC engines and engine systems design
  • Combustion
  • Pollutant formation
  • Simulation of vehicle systems
  • Computational methods for reacting flows
  • Microscale power generators
  • Self-assembled nanostructures for energy applications
  • Nanostructured energy conversion devices
  • Concentrated solar power system
  • Laser techniques for combustion diagnostics
  • Materials and systems for energy storage

Recent News

Rohini Bala Chandran (PI) and Don Siegel's (Co-PI) proposal has been selected by the Graham Sustainability Institute's Carbon Neutrality Acceleration Program.

Lithium metal solid-state batteries can provide a safer, more powerful alternative to the current standard.

Research Corporation for Science Advancement begins a new initiative and names ME professor as one of the 50 fellows. 

Congratulations to David Kwabi for receiving this honor for all the exemplary work he has done. 

The new tool could enable the design of more efficient sustainable energy and chemistry technologies.

This award, endowed by engineering alumnus Larry Miller, is set up to recognize junior faculty members.