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2021 Willie Hobbs Moore Achievement Awarded to Two ME Faculty


The University of Michigan (U-M) Women in Science and Engineering Program (WiSE) has selected two mechanical engineering faculty to receive the 2021 Willie Hobbs Moore Awards. Created in 2013, the Willie Hobbs Moore Awards recognizes individuals in STEM whose achievements encourage and inspire others to achieve their goals. Dr. Moore was a three-time alumna of U-M, a lifelong advocate, and the first African American woman in the US to earn a Ph.D. in Physics.


Miki BanuResearch Associate Professor, Miki Banu, has been awarded the 2021 Willie Hobbs Moore Achievement Award. 

Banu was selected for this award for her impressive work in mentoring youth in STEM, the creation of the CO2 Neutral Research Group, and multidisciplinary research to solve urgent complex world problems such as achieving carbon neutrality and alleviating poverty.







Eleni GourgouEleni Gourgou, Assistant Research Scientist, has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Willie Hobbs Moore Aspire, Advance and Achieve Award. Eleni was selected for this award because of her outstanding efforts to support the professional advancement of her many graduate and undergraduate student researchers and her commitment to recruit students underrepresented in STEM.

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