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Albert Shih named in SME’s Top 20 Most Influential Academics Shaping Smart Manufacturing


In the June 2021 issue of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Smart Manufacturing magazine, Albert Shih is listed in the 20 Most Influential Academics Shaping Smart Manufacturing.

Professor Albert ShihShih is a professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering. In the article, Shih says he sees himself and his colleagues in academia as the “pioneers and dreamers to explore new opportunities in smart manufacturing.” His research focus at the University of Michigan focuses on design and manufacturing, biomedical manufacturing, medical innovation, micro manufacturing and precision engineering. 

When asked what inspired him to build new inventions to make the world better Shih said, “My research is focused on improving healthcare by applying advanced manufacturing.  There are continuing needs to improve the quality-of-care and opportunities for new inventions.” 

SME picked these educators who are educating and shaping the next generation of engineers and smart manufacturing technologists across a diverse range of disciplines. All 20 were selected with the help of industry peers and manufacturing experts by SME Media’s Smart Manufacturing magazine. 

As for others in the field of mechanical engineering studies Shih had this advice, ” One, build a fundamental knowledge, two be agile and adaptable to changes, and three cherish what you have.”

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