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American Chemical Society selects proposal from Yue Fan


Yue Fan

The goals of the American Chemical Society (ACS) Petroleum Research Fund are to support fundamental research in the petroleum field and to develop the next generation of engineers through the support of advanced scientific education.  The Doctoral New Investigator (DNI) grants program aims to promote the careers of young faculty by supporting research of high scientific caliber and to enhance the career opportunities of their undergraduate/ graduate students, and postdoctoral associates through the research experience.

Assistant Professor of mechanical engineering, Yue Fan, has been selected for the DNI program. To qualify for the grant, ACS notes the original research must be different from what has been previously performed by the PI in their graduate or postdoctoral experience.  Fan’s research areas usually cover long time scale atomistic simulation, irradiation defects structure evolution in structure materials, deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties in amorphous system.

To find out more about Fan and his research, visit his lab’s website here.

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