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Ashton-Miller Elected ASME Fellow


Ashton-MillerME Research Professor James Ashton-Miller has been elected Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in recognition of his outstanding research, which has contributed significantly to the understanding of human spinal disorders, mobility problems in older adults, women’s health issues, and orthopedic sports medicine.

Ashton-Miller’s work has identified the biomechanical factors that limit the ability of an older person to halt a fall. In addition, he has developed statistical methods to study the body’s ability to detect changes in joint angleā€”an analysis used to quantify how advancing age reduces the threshold for detecting joint motion.

The ASME Fellow Grade “recognizes significant engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession.” Those who have attained a fellow grade are considered corporate members of the Society. 

Ashton-Miller serves as senior research scientist at the Institute of Gerontology, as well as director of the Biomechanics Research Laboratory.

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