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Bala Chandran’s Paper Published in Energy and Environmental Science


Bala Chandran's Research Featured in Energy and Environmental ScienceBala Chandran’s research into evaluating particle-suspension reactor designs for Z-scheme solar water splitting via transport and kinetic modeling garners some attention in the January 2018 edition of Energy and Environmental Science where it’s featured on the journal’s inside front cover.

The research paper delves into the idea that sunlight-driven water splitting to produce hydrogen and oxygen provides a pathway to store available solar energy in the form of stable, energy-dense chemical bonds. It investigates a tandem, particle-suspension reactor design comprising micron-scale photocatalyst particles suspended in an aqueous solution with soluble redox shuttles for Z-scheme solar water splitting. Results from this work provide a quantitative understanding of the device-scale transport and kinetic processes, and its impacts on the solar-to-hydrogen efficiencies for the proposed reactor design. 

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