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Bohac Featured in Popular Mechanics


BohacME Associate Research Scientist Stani Bohac appeared in the May 2009 issue of Popular Mechanics. The article, entitled “Engine Researcher: This Is My Job,” describes Bohac’s work in U-M laboratories on the development of “cleaner, more efficient and more affordable automotive engines.”

The article is one installment in a series of profiles included in every issue of Popular Mechanics. Each profile describes a man with an exceptionally interesting profession, or, as the magazine advertises, “Guys with the Coolest Gigs on Earth.” Bohac shares this title with a colorful cast of working men who have been interviewed for the series, such as a surfboard designer, an algae farmer, and a pyrotechnician. 

Bohac’s research interests include alternative fuels, low temperature premixed combustion, hydrocarbon speciation and emissions, exhaust gas aftertreatment, variable valve actuation and IC engine gas dynamics, heat transfer and friction.

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