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Byung-Joo Kim wins Best Paper at 2014 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference


Byung-Joo Kim

PhD Candidate Byung-Joo Kim is the winner of the Student Best Paper Competition from the 2014 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference held in San Antonio, TX. His paper is titled “Optimal Vehicle Motion Control to Mitigate Secondary Crashes After an Initial Impact” and this abstract reads as follows:

“Typical drivers are not ready to react to unexpected collisions from other vehicles. The initial impact can startle the driver who then fails to maintain control. Since a loss of control leads to intense skidding and undesirable lateral motions, more severe subsequent events are likely to occur. To reduce the severity of possible subsequent (secondary) crashes, this paper considers both vehicle heading angle and lateral deviation from the original driving path. The research concept here is different from today‚Äôs electronic stability control systems in that it activates the differential braking even when the magnitude of yaw rate or vehicle slip angle is very high. In addition, the lateral displacement and yaw angle with respect to the road are part of the control objective. The Linear Time Varying Model Predictive Control (LTV-MPC) method is used, with the key tire nonlinearities captured through linearization. We consider tire force constraints based on the combined-slip tire model and their dependence on vehicle motion. The computed high-level (virtual) control signals are realized through a control allocation problem which maps vehicle motion commands to tire braking forces considering constraints. Numerical simulation and analysis results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the control algorithm.” (read the full paper)

Kim’s advisor is ME Professor Huei Peng.

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