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Congresswoman Dingell Praises U-M ARC at 23rd Annual Program Review


Congresswoman Dingell at the University of Michigan’s (U-M) Automotive Research Center (ARC) kicked-off its 23rd Annual Program

The University of Michigan’s (U-M) Automotive Research Center (ARC) kicked-off its 23rd Annual Program May 9th on U-M’s North Campus and they had a special guest top the agenda. Michigan State Representative, The Honorable Debbie Dingell made the opening remarks for the two-day event which brings in close to 300 participants and a slate of renowned speakers.

Congresswoman Dingell, who called herself “a car girl,” made sure to recognize the work the ARC has been doing over the past 20 plus years.

“The ARC is having a tremendous impact on the field,” said Dingell. “I was really impressed to learn about the ARC’s implementation of the research concept used to reinforce the connection between basic research and real-world needs. Knowledge, art, and academia, the ARC brings all of that together in their research and I think it’s vital to acknowledge how important the work you all do here really is,” she added.

A U. S. Army Center of Excellence for advancing automotive technology for military and commercial vehicles, the ARC is supported by the United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center, or TARDEC. Since its inception in 1994, and in close collaboration with several academic, industrial and governmental partners, it has served as a hub for basic scientific research to support the modeling and simulation of ground vehicles.

The ARC has had both scholarly and commercial impact through its five research thrust areas: dynamics and control of vehicles, human-centered modeling and simulation, high-performance structures and materials, advanced and hybrid powertrains, and vehicle system integration, optimization and robustness. The research findings across all five areas have helped ARC partners improve product development and make both commercial and military vehicles safer and more efficient.

This year’s Program Review includes keynote speakers Dr. Roberto Horowitz, chair and professor of mechanical engineering at UC Berkeley and Craig Stephens, chief engineer: controls engineering, research and advanced engineering for Ford Motor Company to name a few.

For a full listing of the program agenda and speakers visit:


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