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Connected and Automated Vehicle Conference is a Collaborative Success


The University of Michigan in partnership with the International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD) successfully hosted an international workshop on April 27-30, 2019 on Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV). The conference brought together 130 attendees from the industry, academia, and government from all over the world to discuss the cutting edge research results moving connected and automated vehicle technologies forward.

Andreas Malikopoulos giving talk on mobilityThe Michigan League provided a spectacular venue for this three-day meeting and organizers Gabor Orosz (ME, CEE), Tulga Ersal (ME), Ram Vasudevan (ME), Neda Masoud (CEE), Jeff Scruggs (CEE), Necmiye Ozay (EECS), and Ilya Kolmanovsky (AERO) created a friendly, collaborative atmosphere. Speakers included leading experts from academic institutions at the US, Europe, and Asia as well as from companies like Aptiv, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Uber. They presented their latest theoretical and experimental results on autonomous vehicles driving on highways and urban environments addressing key issues like safety, mobility, and energy efficiency. Representatives from government agencies ARPA-E, MDOT, California DMV, NHTSA and informed participants about the arising policies that can enable deployment of CAV technologies on public roads.

With all the talks looking to the future of road transportation and how to get there, the conference took a moment to look to the past with a dinner at the Henry Ford Museum. The attendees were able to network and take in the reminders about the early steps of the automotive industry in Detroit and South East Michigan with exhibits displaying the humble beginning of car manufacturers and other great engineering masterpieces.Dinner Banquet at the Henry Ford

The conference was a great success and fostered many collaborations between the participants of diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. As the chair of the workshop, Professor Gabor Orosz summarized: “Our workshop showed that interdisciplinary research is a key enabling factor to solve the challenging problems on the area of connected and automated vehicles and that collaboration between academia, industry and government is crucial to put the new innovations on the market. The event was made possible with the generous support from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan as well as from Toyota Research Institute.”     

The College of Engineering strives to produce educational events, such as this, to keep up on cutting-edge research for students and faculty members to attend. There are always seminars, conferences and other educational experiences that can be found out our website or at Happening at Michigan.

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