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Diann Brei receives the 2019 SSM Lifetime Achievement Award


Diann Brei

The SSM Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes senior researchers who have made significant contributions to the field of Smart Structures and Materials (SSM). Next week at the SPIE Smart Structures+Nondestructive Evaluation Conference, ME Professor Diann Brei will receive the SSM Lifetime Achievement Award as her efforts in smart structures and materials have been noticed in both her active roles as ASME Fellow, AIAA Associate Fellow, and co-founder of the SMASIS conference. She has also been awarded the ASME Best Paper Award in Structures and Structural Dynamics, Hartwell Award, Ted Kennedy Team Excellence Award, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Da Vinci Award. Her research has focused on the underlying design science for device innovation using smart materials. Fundamental to her work is the synthesis and analysis of smart material actuation and device architectures from conventional ratcheting and spooling to cutting edge architectures such as active knits and active Velcro. 

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