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Hu and Coleman join Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Launch


Jack HuU-M Record – Responding to President Obama’s call to action, U-M President Mary Sue Coleman and ME Professor Jack Hu join representatives from five other universities as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a national effort bringing together industry, universities and the federal government.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley and U-M were named by the president today as the educational institutions that will represent higher education in the partnership.

For their part, the universities will commit to form a multi-university collaborative framework for sharing of educational materials and best practices relating to advanced manufacturing and its linkage to innovation.

Hu, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, G. Lawton and Louise G. Johnson Professor of Engineering and associate dean for academic affairs, College of Engineering (CoE), says the universities have committed to developing a joint report with a detailed action plan within 100 days of the president’s announcement.

“All of the universities involved will work together to accomplish these goals,” Hu said. “U-M will bring to the table an excellent record in manufacturing research, education and in partnering with industry.”

Hu notes that U-M already has pieces in place that could serve as a starting point for some of the objectives. For example, the university has been offering Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing degrees since 1993, and it also has a Master of Engineering degree in Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering. Courses for these master’s programs are available via Web technologies and can be made available to collaborating partner universities and community colleges, Hu says.

The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by the U-M Mechanical Engineering Department) from materials provided by the U-M Record. Read the full story here. Contacts: Nicole Casal Moore and Matt Nixon

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