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Jeff Stein honored with award from ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division


Jeff Stein

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Associate Director for the Automotive Research Center, Jeffrey Stein, has been honored with an award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 

The ASME Henry M. Paynter Outstanding Investigator Award from the Dynamic Systems and Control Division (DSCD) is awarded every two years to a DSCD member who has demonstrated sustained outstanding research contributions, either basic or applied, as a mechanical engineering professional to fields of interest to the DSCD. 

Stein’s citation for the award reads: “For seminal contributions to the basic engineering science of proper modeling of physical systems with a broad range of applications including rehabilitation, transportation, and manufacturing engineering.”

At U-M ME Stein’s research areas focus on systems and controls including machine design, control, monitoring, and diagnostics, as well as, proper modeling of active suspensions, high-efficiency dynamic formulations for vehicle dynamics, and monitoring and control of thermally induced spindle bearing loads, among other areas. 

Congratulations to Professor Stein on this honor!


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