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Jianping Fu discusses rapid progress towards regenerative medicine


ME professor Jianping Fu and his collaborator Dr. Jun Wu at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have co-authored a new paper in Cell on the rapid progress of two emerging fields: stem cell-based embryo models and interspecies chimeras.

The article provides a forward-looking discussion on the promising applications of these fields for engineering human organs from stem cells, which remains a challenging feat in regenerative medicine. 

“We envision that continuous developments of embryo modeling and interspecies chimera research will lead to the successful formation of different functional human organ primordia from stem cells, thereby opening up exciting new frontiers for human organ engineering and related applications,” said Fu.

The team’s paper, “Towards Developing Human Organs via Embryo Models and Chimeras,” can be read in a special developmental biology-themed issue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cell.

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