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Kon-Well Wang received the 2020 ASME Rayleigh Lecture Award


2020 ASME Rayleigh Lecture Award received by Kon-Well Wang

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has recognized Professor Kon-Well Wang with the 2020 Rayleigh Lecture Award. This award is given to an individual who has made pioneering contributions to the sciences as well as application to the industry in noise control and acoustics.

At the ASME 2020 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition┬«, Kon-Well Wang gave the Rayleigh Lecture presentation entitled, “Vibration and Noise Control Harnessing Reconfigurable Modular Metastructures.”

Abstract: In recent years, new concepts have been explored to develop adaptive metastructures based on reconfigurable modular architectures. In one investigation, we study the idea of creating engineered materials and structures from synergistically assembling and controlling metastable modules (modules that exhibit coexistent stable states under the same topology) and uncover their mechanics and nonlinear dynamics behaviors due to metastability and multistability. Results show that such multifunctional metastructures yield significant adaptivity via modular reconfiguration, which would achieve numerous globally stable topologies, large variations in damping and stiffness, and tunable nontraditional wave propagation characteristics. In another study, building upon the architecture of origami, multifunctional adaptations are uncovered and explored for the control of structural shape, stiffness, energy absorption, nonlinear dynamics and vibration, acoustic band structures and noise transmissions. These unique characteristics are realized utilizing ideas such as fluidic-induced transformation and multistability, and lattice symmetry transformation in origami modular metastructures. This presentation will discuss some of the recent research innovations and possible future directions and opportunities in synthesizing reconfigurable adaptive modular metastructures for structural vibration and acoustic control advancements.

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