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Liang and Reddy receive ME Department Achievement Awards



Assistant Professor Xiaogan Liang joined U-M only 3 years ago, but has already established himself as a rising star in advanced nano-manufacturing. He has enabled the manufacturing of nanostructures much smaller, better, and cheaper than the state-of-the-art. He has produced graphene nano-ribbons with the highest density in the world, which enables new breakthroughs in high-speed power electronics. He has built a very strong research program at U-M, including winning the NSF CAREER Award. While still a junior faculty, he has published over 40 journal papers with more than 1,300 citations.

Xiaogan is an outstanding teacher and a great citizen in service. His teaching evaluations have always been among the top in ME. He is a research rising star among his peers and an excellent role model for our students.






Associate Professor Pramod Reddy has established himself as a ground-breaking researcher and a pioneer in nano-scale heat transfer with high impact contributions.  He has developed an extremely strong research program at U-M, and is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award and the DARPA Young Investigator Award.  His publication and citation records are phenomenal.  His work is published in high-impact journals, such as Nature, and at the same time covered in popular science and engineering media such as the New Scientist and the ASME Magazine.

In addition, Pramod is a highly effective teacher and a great citizen in service.  His effort in education is impressive.  He and Edgar Meyhofer, introduced the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) into our senior experimental class, ME 495; which for the first time brought the nano-scale concept into our undergraduate teaching labs. He is an outstanding scholar and educator who has brought new energy and new ideas into our department.

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