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Liang’s Research Featured in ACS Nano


Xiaogan Liang

The work of assistant professor Xiaogan Liang and his research group has been accepted by ACS Nano, where it will be featured alongside the journal’s many groundbreaking research projects that have helped pave the way for nanotechnology.

ACS Nano is a journal, published monthly, which acts primarily as an international forum that focuses on both nanotechnology and nanoscience, addressing new discoveries and fresh perspectives in the field.

Liang and his research group partnered with Professor Wei Lu’s team to successfully develop a cutting-edge nanomanufacturing technique for generating high quality 2D nanoelectronic materials and devices.

The published article, titled “MoS2 Transistors Fabricated via Plasma-Assisted Nanoprinting of Few-Layer MoS2 Flakes into Large-Area Arrays” explains how the team has optimized the process for developing scale-up applications in nanoelectronics.

Liang believes that this new technology has the potential to transform the process for making next generation IC chips. The published abstract elaborates on these expectations as it says “This work lays an important foundation for future scale-up nanoelectronic applications of few-layer-MoS2 micro- and nanostructures.”

Read more about Liang’s article on the ACS Nano site.

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