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Mazumder Featured in Laser Community


MazumderJyoti Mazumder, the Robert H. Lurie Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been featured in the most recent issue of Laser Community, a publication by TRUMPF Laser Technology. The article focuses on Mazumder’s role as a professor and how he prepares his students for a career in laser processing/engineering. “If you want to push the practical use of laser technology, you have to ‘soak’ young academics with experience in the first place,” says Mazumder.

Mazumder recently received the ASME 2010 Thomas A. Edison Patent Award for the development of closed loop Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) technology. DMD technology can be applied in nearly any field that requires the production of a three-dimensional component. Mazumder is also director of the Center for Laser-Aided Intelligent Manufacturing (CLAIM), where he and his research group study the plasma present in laser processing and attempt to understand the basic physics of the interaction between light photons and material electrons.

Read Mazumder’s article (p.28) in Laser Community, Issue 01:11

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