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ME Faculty Receive CoE Awards


For the 2013-2014 year, the College of Engineering has chosen four ME faculty members to honorably receive four of ten individual CoE Awards.

  • Professor Ellen Arruda: Service Excellence
    The Service Excellence Award recognizes efforts to contribute services both inside and outside of the University. Recipients have improved the University in one aspect or another, but have also reached out to external and surrounding communities.
  • Assistant Professor Sam Daly: 1938E Award
    1938E Awardees are especially recognized for their scholarly integrity and exceptional ability to counsel students, understand them, and guide them in choosing career paths. Additionally, the professor must teach courses on both the elementary and advanced level and contribute intellectually to his or her College.
  • Professor Huei Peng: Research Excellence
    Although all professors engage in some type of research, this award recognizes those research projects that are especially extensive and successful over a broad span of time.
  • Professor Dawn Tilbury: Education Excellence
    The Engineering Education Excellence Award is awarded on the basis of teaching and collaboration with both graduate and undergraduate level students. Instructors who provide guidance and instruction to students are highly considered for the award, based primarily on their focus on curricular activity.

Samantha Dalypengarruda


Left to right: Sam Daly, Huei Peng, Dawn Tilbury, Ellen Arruda

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