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ME professor delivers keynote speech for Energy and Climate panel at Inaugural Symposium of the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies

Dr. Stefanopoulou delivering her keynote to HIAS.

Anna Stefanopoulou, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Walter Clay Ford Professor of Technology, delivered the keynote speech for the Energy and Climate panel at the Inaugural Symposium of the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies.

Dr. Stefanopoulou spoke about her “research vision on electrification of the automotive sector and the challenges that are involved in advancing battery technology.” Greece, notably, has the oldest transportation fleet in the European Union. Dr. Stefanopoulou identified electrification of public transport as a crucial next step for improving the sustainability of transportation in Greece.

“Electrification of mass transit and incentives for electric taxis and shared EVs would be my highest priority for congested cities like Athens where I grew up,” said Dr. Stefanopoulou, when we reached out for a comment.

The Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies is a “non-profit, private foundation of scholars” that centers and connects Greek scholars working around the world. The foundation’s mission is to “[f]oster international collaborations to address societal and scientific challenges in areas including Energy, Security, Health, Education, Environment, Inequality, and Digitalization.”

The inaugural symposium was held on July 8th, 2022,  at the Eugenides Foundation in Athens.

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