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Muhammad Abdullah’s team wins first place in Future of Energy Challenge


Natasha Qamar (Shell), Muhammed Abdullah (U-M ME), Adam Williams (Shell), Nathan Fink (Shell), Troy Doughman (Shell), Milad Korde (TSU), Cedrik Chaves (TSU), Joseph Fischer (TSU), Nikita Demidov (TSU)

ME Master’s student Muhammad Abdullah and his teammates from Texas State University (Cedrik Chaves, Nikita Demidov, Joseph Fisher and Milad Korde) took first place in the Shell Future of Energy Challenge organized through Net Impact. The team won the competition with their solar energy concept, which utilized benefits of decentralized power generation. The team went on to present its project at the Powering Progress Together Conference and Shell Eco-marathon in San Francisco this past April.

The students’ project used existing solar technology to create a “blockchain,” a decentralized system of generating power which allows consumers to purchase and sell power. The reliable and scalable exchange program would potentially attract more people to solar energy, allows consumers to generate profit, increase the production of clean energy and decrease reliance on traditionally-produced energy.

Read more about the team on TSU’s website.