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Neil Dasgupta accepts ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship


Neil DasguptaThe ECS Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship, a partnership between The Electrochemical Society and Toyota Research Institute of North America, a division of Toyota Motor North America, is in its fifth year. The fellowship aims to encourage young professors and scholars to pursue innovative electrochemical research in green energy technology. Through this fellowship, ECS and Toyota hope to see further innovative and unconventional technologies borne from electrochemical research.

Of the five fellowships offered for 2019-2020, one of them went to Neil Dasgupta, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Dasgupta was awarded the NSF CAREER award and the DARPA Young Faculty award in 2018. He continues to push for excellence as he accepts the honor of the ECS Toyota Fellowship. His research focuses on renewable energy and energy storage. 

In February of 2019 his research group designed a lithium-metal battery anode with a 99.5% Coulombic efficiency, matching the highest recorded efficiency value. It was a major step in Li-ion batteries and their efficiency. 

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