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New ME Research Complex Nears Completion


GGB Addition

Work continues on schedule toward a new, three-story mechanical engineering research complex. The 62,880-square-foot addition to the existing G.G. Brown Memorial Laboratories building is slated to be completed in spring 2014.

The U-M ME department continues to shape the future of mechanical engineering, and the new research complex will enable transformative research that will integrate core mechanical engineering with emerging new areas, such as micro-, nano-, and bio- systems.

The facility will be equipped with stringent temperature and humidity control and air filtration, and will be devoted to research in various areas: imaging and optics; biosystems; nanoengineering; micro-bioengineering; materials, mechanics and mechanical testing; microdynamics and nanostructures. Collaborative workspaces and core laboratories will encourage continued multidisciplinary partnerships on existing and new projects.

Eight special ultra-low vibration chambers designed to meet National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) vibration specifications will be housed below-grade. With access to state-of-the-art laboratories, investigators can conduct research at unprecedented levels of precision and accuracy and make key advances in multiple fields, including energy, manufacturing, health care and biotechnology.

Construction updates, architectural renderings and a real-time view of the project are available at

The $46 million project is partially supported by $9.5 million from the NIST.