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A New Textbook for ME 482 Machining Processes


Analysis of Machining and Machine Tools

A new textbook, Analysis of Machining and Machine Tools, has been published based on the lecture material of ME 482 Machining Processes. ME Professor Albert Shih, the co-author of this book, has taught ME 482 and mentored subsequent instructors since 2005.

“This book uniquely incorporates the traditional metal cutting, nontraditional electrical, chemical, and energy based machining, and advanced biomedical machining,” said Professor Shih, “ME 482 students contributed greatly to this textbook, which will help students worldwide to study the fundamentals of machining, one of the most widely used manufacturing processes, and gain better understanding of precision machine tools.”

Shih is also a professor of Biomedical Engineering and the Associate Chair of Integrative Systems and Design.

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