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Ni awarded the Shanghai International Scientific & Technological Cooperation Award


Jun Ni

Jun Ni, the Shien-Ming (Sam) Wu Collegiate Professor of Manufacturing Science and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded the 2012 Shanghai International Scientific & Technological Cooperation Award, which he received in the Science and Technology Award Ceremony held by the Shanghai City Government in the Friendship Hall of Exhibition Center on April 19, 2013.

The Shanghai City Government established the Science and Technology Awards to encourage scientific discoveries and technological innovations that will promote the city’s strategic and economic development, strengthen municipal security, and improve the health and living environment of the Shanghai people. In 2012, 282 people were selected to win these awards, including 9 for young science/technology talents, 20 for natural science discovery, 29 for technological innovation, 221 for technological improvement, and only three awards for international scientific and technological cooperation, for which Ni was one of the winners.

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