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Peng Delivers Keynote at EVTeC 2011


Huei PengOn May 17th, ME Professor Huei Peng was invited to speak at the Japan Society of Automotive Engineers’ (JSAE) 1st International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference (EVTeC) in Yokohama, Japan. Peng was one of six keynote speakers, including Osamu Masuko (President of Mitsubishi), Tomohiko Kawanabe (Senior Managing Officer and Director of Honda), Takeshi Uchiyamada (Executive Vice President of Toyota), and Minoru Shinohara (Senior Vice President of Nissan).

The conference was held at the same time as the JSAE’s annual Spring Congress, with 5,000 attendees at the Spring Congress and 70,000 attendees at the EVTeC Exposition. The conference featured sessions presenting the latest electric vehicle technology and encouraging vigorous debate on the topic of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Peng’s keynote focused on the “Design and Control of Hybrid Vehicles.” He received his Ph.D. from the University of California – Berkeley, his M.S. from Pennsylvania State University, and his B.S. from National Taiwan University, all in Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include adaptive control and optimal control, with an emphasis on their applications to vehicular and transportation systems. His current research focuses include design and control of hybrid electric vehicles and vehicle active safety systems. Peng has authored over 190 technical publications, including 80 in referred journals and transactions. His speech at EVTeC presented current development trends and efforts of electrified vehicles, as well as the application of modern modeling, design and control techniques on the design of electrified vehicles.

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