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Peng Elected SAE Fellow



ME Professor Huei Peng has been elected Society of Automotive Engineers Fellow, an outstanding professional recognition given to only twenty individuals each year.

Standing as a Fellow in the SAE is considered the highest level of membership and these positions are saved for committed, long-term members who have greatly improved upon mobility technology, whether it is through actual research or leadership positions. SAE itself is a professional organization, established in 1975, which organizes the standards of engineering across multiple industries. The Society largely focuses on transportation technology in the fields of automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles.

The position was bestowed upon Peng in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the design and control of hybrid electric vehicles. His work can also be applied to optimal control and optimization theories, which eventually added up to the systematic design of hybrid cars.

Peng himself served as Executive Director of Michigan Interdisciplinary and Professional Engineering, from 2007 until 2011, prior to standing as the director of the Automotive Engineering Program. Currently, he is the Director of the US-China Clean Energy Research Center-Clean Vehicle Consortium, which is sponsored by the U.S Department of Energy and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. The ultimate goal of the CERC is to reduce the amount of petroleum consumed by the world’s two largest automobile market by supporting the research of clean vehicle technology.

Peng’s new position as SAE Fellow supplements and highlights his already established position as a leader in clean vehicle technology, especially hybrid models.

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