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Peng Elected Visiting Changjiang Scholar


Huei PengME Professor Huei Peng has been elected a Visiting Changjiang Scholar at Tsinghua University, one of China’s most renowned universities.

The prestigious Changjiang Scholar Incentive Program, sponsored by China’s Ministry of Education, was created in 1998. The program finances outstanding Chinese scholars who are studying or researching abroad to give lectures or conduct research in China.

Peng’s appointment to this scholarship began March 1, 2010. Under the support of this scholarship, he plans to visit Tsinghua University three times each year over the next three years. During these visits, he will be co-advising graduate students, helping with selected hybrid vehicle and active safety projects, mentoring junior faculty members, and enhancing the participation of Automotive Engineering faculty and students in international conferences and other scholarly activities. He also hopes to establish a formal and rigorous channel for recruiting students in selected departments at Tsinghua University for UM’s ME department.

Besides his professorship in the ME department, Peng also serves as executive director of Interdisciplinary and Professional Engineering Programs. His research interests include vehicle dynamics and control, especially of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles; vehicle active safety systems; and energy system design and control for mobile robots.

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