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Professor Miki Banu awarded the Research Faculty Achievement Award


Miki BanuMiki Banu is a Research Associate Professor for U-M ME and has been with the department since 2013.  Banu and her research have contributed to green technology and sustainable manufacturing, including a process to extract and use bamboo fibers to reinforce thermoplastic and thermoset composites, reducing carbon emissions. Banu is also a member of U-M’s Global CO2 Initiative where she explores the use of fiber-based composite materials and concrete to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Aside from her work with the environment, Banu also has worked with U-M’s School of Dentistry on titanium structures for intelligent dental implants. Current implants can suffer stress leading to nonuniform stresses on a jaw bone and can, over-time, lead to trouble. This new implant aims to overcome several challenges of these current implants and likely to enhance patient outcomes.

Banu serves on CoE’s Leaders and Honors Selection Committee and the Center for Entrepreneurship Faculty Committee. She evaluates and monitors the European Commission’s steel and coal program and intelligent factories, and has served as a panelist for the National Science Foundation and the Romanian Agency for Scientific Research.

Among other honors, Banu received the College of Engineering 2017 Kenneth M. Reese Outstanding Research Scientist Award.

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