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Sakamoto’s research featured on cover of Advanced Energy Materials


ME Associate Professor Jeff Sakamoto’s research was featured on the cover of Advanced Energy Materials. The cover of AEM is highly coveted. It is instantly recognizable and associated with the highest quality research from the top researchers in the field.

In the featured article, “Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Tale of Two Sites: On Defining the Carrier Concentration in Garnet-Based Ionic Conductors for Advanced Li Batteries,” Sakamoto and co-workers investigate the origin of Li-ion conductivity in garnet-type solid electrolyte for beyond conventional Li-ion batteries. The cover image shows the microstructure and neutron diffraction pattern and the foreground shows the crystal structure, a picture of an electrolyte membrane, and a solid-state battery schematic.

Sakamoto is the founder of the Sakamoto Group, which studies materials and manufacturing processes to develop new energy storage and biomedical technologies.