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Shanna Daly receives Henry Russel Award


Shana Daly was chosen as one of the four awardees of tShanna Dalyhe Henry Russel Award. This award is the university’s highest honor for faculty members at the early to mid-career stages of their careers.

Daly is nationally recognized as a rising leader in mechanical engineering design and engineering education research. She has developed new strategies that center creativity and diversity of ideas in generating design concepts, and that incorporate people and their social and cultural contexts into engineering problem solving.

She joined U-M in 2008 and co-founded the College of Engineering’s Center for Socially Engaged Design. Among her many leadership contributions, she has served as co-director of the Engineering Education Division of the American Society of Engineering Education.

In 2020, the College of Engineering honored her with the Monroe-Brown Foundation Education Excellence Award for her excellence in curricular development, instruction, and guidance at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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