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Shao wins Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research


Yue Shao

ME PhD student Yue Shao is the recipient of the Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research. Each year, three student winners are selected for this award. The Prize for Outstanding PhD Research is a college-level competition across departments for PhD graduate students who are within one and one-half years of degree completion.  It is intended to highlight the innovation and creativity demonstrated by Engineering graduate students, and to reward their outstanding research achievements.

Yue’s PhD research focuses on developing innovative biomimetic approaches for culturing human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) to recapitulate and model human early embryonic development.  Besides advancing understanding of human embryonic development, his research can open new avenues for human reproductive and regenerative medicine and embryo toxicology.

The following ME students were participants and winners in the Engineering Graduate Symposium 2016:

  • Richard and Eleanor Towner Prize for Outstanding PhD Research:
    Yue Shao
  • (ATE) Automotive and Transportation Engineering:
    1st – Taemin Kim
  • (CDR) Control, Dynamics, and Robotics:
    1st – Emma Treadway
  • (CPH) Chemical Physics:
    1st – Soroush Moghadam
  • (FAT) Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, and Thermal Science:
    2nd – Mohammad Alzuabi
  • (MDM) Multidisciplinary Design, Manufacturing, and Mechatronics:
    2nd – Ying Luo
  • (PEN) Power and Energy:
    2nd – Bin Wu
    3rd – Bhuvan Neema

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