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Sharafi receives 2016 Love of Learning Award



Asma Sharafi has been awarded with a 2016 Love of Learning Award presented by the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Love of Learning Awards help fund post-baccalaureate professional development for active Phi Kappa Phi members and highlight a student’s superior academic record and life/career ambitions.

Asma’s research focuses on the development of new solid state electrolytes (SSE) with the garnet structure (Li7La3Zr2O12) that offer unprecedented safety and durability. The development of new SSE will enable the use of Li metal anodes and sulfur cathodes, either concurrently in a solid state Li-S battery, or as a means to realize a Li metal anode which is stable upon cycling. This technology will enable the large scale development of vehicle technologies such as plug-in and electric vehicles which requires higher energy density, lower cost and safer batteries.