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Shorya Awtar 2020 recipient of ASB Goel Award for Translational Research


Shorya Awtar

The 2020 American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) Goel Award was created in 2016 after Dr. Vijay Goel, the Borelli Award winner in 2014. This award honors those whose work has a biomechanic factor which started as basic research and then transitioned into a benefit for the health and well-being of humans. 

Associate Professor, Shorya Awtar, is the recipient of the 2020 ASB Goel Award. Awtar’s work has translated into two startups, FlexDex and HIPERNAP. These projects started in the Precision Systems Design Lab that is lead by Awtar. 

A description from the lab’s website says, “Ongoing research topics in our group include parallel kinematics, design, and analysis of flexure mechanisms, dynamics and controls of flexible systems, and electromagnetic and electrostatic systems. Select applications include minimally invasive surgical devices, nanopositioning systems, manufacturing and metrology equipment, electromagnetic actuators, MEMS motion stages, and gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems.”

Congratulation to Shorya Awtar and his many accomplishments. Read more about Prof. Awtar’s lab here.

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