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Sick receives 2012 SAE International Leadership Citation


SickProfessor Volker Sick is the recipient of the 2012 SAE International Leadership Citation. This citation was created to provide public recognition to an individual well known internationally for continuous professional involvement in SAE’s meetings, conferences, congresses and/or unique assistance and support in helping SAE achieve its goals, either in the broadest sense or related to one specific conference abroad.

Volker Sick is the Director of the W. E. Lay Automotive Laboratory as well as the leader of the the Quantitative Laser Diagnostics Laboratory. His research focuses on developing and applying laser-based and other optical measurement techniques to enable studies of mass and energy transfer at high pressures and high temperatures in mechanically restricted and vibrating environments, such as present in IC engines, stationary combustion, and multi-phase mixing processes.

More information about the SAE International Leadership Citation.

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