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Going Beyond ME: Abby Chapin

¡Hola mis amigos! My name is Abby Chapin and I am going to be a 5th-year senior in ME here at UofM. This summer, four other U-M engineering honors students and I participated in a two-week volunteer abroad trip to Guatemala. All of us (Erich Shan, CS; Utsav Lathia, CS; Marissa Martinelli, BME; Marina Engstrom, ME) were working together on coffee plantations learning about the process and taking a look into the daily lives of the farmers.

ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards of 2018 includes ME Postdoctoral Fellow

The ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Awards are given out each year to recognize highly accomplished graduate students who have produced outstanding dissertations of the highest scholarly quality in any field of study. For 2018 there were 10 awards given and one was to ME Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Dakotah Thompson. For his dissertation, Thompson dug deep into a set of questions at the forefront of a cutting-edge field seeking to understand radiative thermal transport at the nanoscale.