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Ulsoy’s Graduate Students Receive Awards


Two of ME Professor Galip Ulsoy’s current graduate students have recently been recognized by the University and beyond for their exceptional work.   

Rachael Bis


Rachael Bis, one of Ulsoy’s Ph.D students, won first place in the area of Design and Control for her presentation at the 2009 Graduate Student Symposium. Her presentation was titled “Robot Navigation among Moving Obstacles.” Also last year, Bis’s paper, “Velocity Occupancy Space: Robot Navigation and Moving Obstacle Avoidance with Sensor Uncertainty,” was a finalist for the Best Student Paper Award at the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference held in Hollywood. After graduation, Bis hopes to continue to be involved in research on autonomous robotics for military and civilian applications. “Ideally, I would like to work at a government research facility, such as at a NASA branch or with the military,” she said.

Diane Peters

Another of Ulsoy’s outstanding students, Diane Peters, is currently a Ph.D candidate. She was recognized with a number of awards last year. At the Graduate Student Symposium, Peters took second place in the area of Design and Control for her presentation, titled “A Priori Determination of Coupling in Design/Control (Co-Design) Systems Using the Controllability Grammian Matrix.” She also received the Marian Sarah Park Graduate Prize, an honor named after one of the first female graduates of the College of Engineering (CoE). Finally, the CoE presented Peters with the Distinguished Leadership Award in the graduate division. Peters will graduate in April and is looking for an academic position.

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