Assistant Professor Jesse Capecelatro to share funding of $16.5 million with 24 other recipients.

Deeper research shows promise of revolutionizing the noise control industry.

Take a look at what has been achieved in this emerging field along with the ethics of where research may go in the future.

The 2018 Fellows represent 125 research universities and governmental and non-profit research institutes worldwide and are named inventors on nearly 4,000 issued U.S. patents.

The program aims to encourage women “to enter, study, graduate and teach” in science, and the funding will support female PhD students who make use of computational science in their research.

Acoustic fields are unexpectedly richer in information than is typically thought.

ME Professor André Boehman looks into the facts about corn ethanol and how it may not be the best resource to start backing. 

Andre Boehman says increasing ethanol blended with gasoline can damage older machines and do little to curb climate change.

Southeast Michigan is the perfect melting pot for transforming the automobile industry and U-M is making sure to be at the center of it. 

The 2018 Engineering Graduate Symposium is a College-wide event for doctoral and master's students and two ME students received awards. 

ME Professor, Steve Skerlos, has raised $8 million with help of Michigan Investment in New Technology Startups, among other supporters. 

Efforts are underway to reduce CO2, develop sustainable energy, and adapt to a warmer future.

“We are excited to be a part of the new DOE/NNSA center,” said Misra. “Our goal as materials scientists and engineers is to make a difference in the world and few issues are as important as national security and training the next-generation workforce.” 

The Visiting Professorship is an endowment for the purpose of inviting distinguished scholars to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley for an extended stay to facilitate collaboration with their faculty and students.

Wang will provide strategic leadership in strengthening center-type research and engineering education efforts, promoting convergence, and addressing the grand challenges with high societal impact.

Two awards given to faculty and Peng delivers a lecture titled, "How Control Theories Were Used to Improve Energy and Safety of Automotive systems."

Brei presented at the ASME 2018 "Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures & Intelligent Systems" this past September in Texas.

His talk was titled "Obsessed with assembly: a bystander’s view of computational assembly design"

This project's scope considers how algae can help produce fuels and contribute to cleaner combustion

Mechanical engineers find another way to break Planck's law at the nanoscale.

Mechanical engineers are working with physicians to help athletes with Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries.

Anna Stefanopoulou, a mechanical engineer with an expertise in modeling, control and optimization of internal combustion engines, batteries and fuel cells, will become director of the U-M Energy Institute.

Mote, President of the National Academy of Engineering, delivered the 10th annual University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering 150th Anniversary Michael Korybalski Distinguished Lecture on May 18, 2018.

Amon's lecture will occur on Sept 10th and is titled "Rethinking Engineering Education for the 21st Century Engineers: Experiences from the University of Toronto"