The authors on the paper were ME students Hongsuk Nam, Bo-Ram Oh, Mikai Chen, Sungjin Wi, and Da Li, as well as ME Professors Katsuo Kurabayashi and Xiaogan Liang

The researchers were featured for their work towards designing a concussion-preventing football helmet

Vice President Hu will oversee the Office of Research and have overall responsibility for nurturing excellence and integrity of research across the university, including the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Flint campuses and our health system

The U-M project leaders are Jeff Sakamoto, an associate professor of mechanical engineering; and Anna Stefanopoulou, a professor of mechanical engineering. Both are affiliated with U-M’s Energy Institute

Speaker: Gregory S. Sawicki, an Associate Professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

His lecture, titled Mechanobiology at the Cellular Length Scale, focused on how cells in our body sense and respond to mechanical cues.

ME Professor Steve Skerlos and ME postdoctoral researcher Sarang Supekar's study finds that most economic analysis of carbon capture and storage technology severely underestimates the technique's costs and overestimates its energy efficiency

Chinedum is recognized for his research on novel mechanical design and control techniques that help improve the precision and productivity of manufacturing machines while maintaining high energy efficiency and low cost

The award recognizes manufacturing engineers, age 35 or younger, who have made exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the manufacturing industry.

G.G. Brown Laboratories on North Campus, expanded one year ago, allow researchers to study the forces at work at the smallest scales, to advance nanotechnologies in energy, manufacturing, healthcare and biotechnology.

Could you live trash free for 2.5 years? It may sound impossible, but U-M Research Fellow and former student of ME Professor Margaret Wooldridge Darshan Karwat did just that.

His article was titled "Helium atmospheric pressure plasma jets touching dielectric and metal surfaces"

The paper was titled "A Novel Approach for Reducing the Settling Time of Roller Bearing Nanopositioning Stages using High Frequency Vibration"

The paper was chosen for the award amongst 56 nominations and 6 finalists. It was co-authored by fellow ME Ph.D. student, Keval Ramani, and ME Assistant Professor, Chinedum Okwudire

ME Professor Sridhar Kota will lead a national consortium, funded $5.8 million by NSF and NIST, to identify emerging advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance the country’s innovation ecosystem, manufacturing competitiveness and national security, th

“We’re currently in the midst of Phase 3 of the renovation, with Phase 2 completed 
in August and Phase 3 scheduled for December (2015),” said Noel Perkins, Associate Chair for Facilities and Planning and Donald T. Greenwood Collegiate Professor.

The U-M Baja Racing team finished the 2015 season on top, ranking first in the nation and winning the Mike Schmidt Memorial Iron Team Award. The annual award is given to the team earning the most points in competition

The U-M Formula SAE team, MRacing, went into the 2014-'15 season with two clear goals: reduce the overall mass of its vehicle, MR-15, and finish in the top five at competition. The team accomplished both.

ME graduate student Marc Henry de Frahan, lead author of the paper, began conducting this research as a summer student with LLNL’s NIF and Photon Science Directorate

The ME department is pleased to welcome Jesse Austin-Breneman and Shanna Daly, who will be joining the faculty as assistant professors

The Leonardo Da Vinci Award is to recognize eminent achievement in the design or invention of a product which is universally recognized as an important advance in machine design

The recipients were Emrah Bayrak, Max Yi Ren (ME Alumnus), Alex Burnap, Jeffrey Hartley, Yanxin Pan, and Prof. Panos Papalambros

Lauren Mancia placed third in the Biomedical Acoustics Student Paper Award and Marc Henry de Frahan placed third in the CFD Student Paper Competition

This award recognizes a young professional (within 10 years of Ph.D.) who has made significant contributions in education and has demonstrated an excellence in research in the field of experimental mechanics.