This award was established to recognize eminent achievement or distinguished service in the power field of mechanical engineering

Liang and Reddy were honored at the ME Spring Banquet

The Rackham Summer Award will enable graduate students enrolled in a Rackham program to work on research, scholarly, or creative projects in collaboration with faculty mentors during Spring/Summer 2015

This award recognizes eminent achievement or distinguished contribution over a substantial period of time, which may result from research, innovation, or education in advancing the art of engineering in the field of internal combustion engines

A multidisciplinary U-M research group including ME Professor Siegel has been awarded a $1.2 million DOE grant aimed at isolating and developing “best-in-class” hydrogen storage technology

The team was awarded $10K for their submission to the Lightweighting Technologies Enabling Comprehensive Automotive Redesign (LITECAR) Challenge

Recipients were recognized at the ME Spring Banquet on April 17th, 2015

This device, developed by a multidisciplinary team including ME professors Fu and Kurabayashi, is a microfluidic device that uses a miniscule amount of blood – a mere microliter – to achieve test results in 20 minutes

This award recognizes distinguished and outstanding contributions to engineering mechanics education

The award is given to recognize the sustained meritorious contributions to the research to support design, manufacturing and the life cycle management decisions in product development

Gavini is recognized "for pioneering work developing multi-scale methods for density-functional theory calculations at continuum scales, electronic structure studies on defects in materials, and quantum transport in materials"

The lecture will feature Dr. Bernard Amadei, Professor of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering at University of Colorado

This award recognizes UIUC MechSE alumni who have distinguished themselves in a professional or technical capacity early in their career

The University of Michigan Solar Car team, composed of U-M alumni and students, partnered with students from the University of Abu Dhabi to race their championship car, Quantum, against 15 teams from six continents

Sheppard is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Automotive Research Center (ARC) continues to thrive thanks to a $40 million, five-year contract renewal with the United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC).

Election to National Academy of Engineering is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. Hu is among the elite few to receive the exclusive invitation this year.

Remy is recognized for his proposal entitled "CAREER: Using Multiple Gaits and Inherent Dynamics for Legged Robots With Improved Mobility."

Four ME faculty members received College of Engineering Awards in 2015. These recipients include Jun Ni, Huei Peng, Katsuo Kurabayashi, and Jianping Fu

Liang is recognized for his proposal entitled "CAREER: 2D Nanoelectronic Devices Integrated with Nanofluidic Structures for Biosensing Applications."

The Honorary Membership may be conferred upon an individual of internationally recognized ability and stature who has contributed their substantial skills and talent to accomplish the goals of SME

Since 1980, this Award has recognized manufacturing engineers, age 35 or younger, who have made exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the manufacturing industry

This award honors the educator most respected for the development of manufacturing-related curricula, fostering sound training methods or inspiring students to enter the profession of manufacturing

The spaghetti-like internal structure of most plastics makes it hard for them to cast away heat, but a U-M research team, including ME associate professor Kevin Pipe, has made a plastic blend that does so 10 times better than its conventional counterparts

A revolutionary shape-changing aircraft wing took to the air recently in a successful test flight. The equipment is developed by Ann Arbor-based FlexSys, Inc., founded and led by ME professor Sridhar Kota